Bob and Carol Marceluk’s Ocean City Wildlife Habitat


Garden Gang members Bob and Carol Marceluk in Ocean City, NJ, and their WILDLIFE HABITAT were featured in the Press of Atlantic City, Saturday, July 12, 2014: “New Boardwalk Attraction,” by Martin DeAngelis. I met Bob and Carol in 2012 when I taught a series of Gardening for Wildlife Workshops for the Ocean City Environmental […]

Four Proposed NJ Bills Affecting Wildlife, You and I, and Wildlife Habitats


Hi Gang, Fellow wildlife-gardening educators Jack and Jesse Connor have brought to my attention 4 bills proposed in the NJ Legislature that we all should be aware of and consider voicing our support. In short, here are the 4 proposed bills that we can speak up about and show our support: A3133 Requires DEP to […]

The Living Landscape, by Doug Tallamy and Rick Darke


Hot off the press — a NEW book: The Living Landscape, Designing for Beauty and Biodiversity in the Home Garden by Doug Tallamy and Rick Darke My copy arrived earlier this week and I’m enjoying the book immensely. The authors walk us through and help us understand the layered landscape, something that so many gardeners […]

2014 Wildlife Garden Tours

Monarch on Meadow Blazing Star with Purple Coneflowers beyond (both are Chocolate Cakes)

This is the 23rd year I’ve been leading these tours of private backyard wildlife gardens.  And they just keep getting yummier and yummier! Mark your calendar with the following dates & plan to join me for one, several, or all NINE of the 2014 “Tours of Private Wildlife Gardens” (pdf)  that I will again be leading […]

Some Sources of Native Plants

Clemenson Sale-5-3-14-byPSutton

Once hooked on wildlife gardening with native plants, it can be a real challenge to find native plants.  Yes a few have been mainstreamed, and the nursery down the street may carry them.  But beware of cultivars of native plant.  Cultivars are plants created or selected for specific characteristics such as early blooming or color, […]

Saw my FIRST Ruby-throated Hummingbird on April 12, 2014 !

003 - Ruby-th Humm w-sig

  Yesterday, Saturday, April 12, was a good day! Hope you got out to enjoy it too. Clay and I went to Cape May Point to join Tom Reed in his SPRING WATCH. The highlight for me was when Tom called out: ” HUMMINGBIRD ! ! ! “ At 8:55 a.m. Tom spotted a Ruby-throated […]

Eupatoriums in the Wildlife Garden

Monarch w-sig

If you’re looking for some fun plants to add to your wildlife garden, seriously consider the Eupatoriums: 1.  They are stunning 2.  A selection of them can cover a good part of the growing season 3.  They are pollinator magnets 4.  Monarchs LOVE them and Monarchs need all the help they can get   Enjoy […]

MISTER for Wildlife Garden


In nearly all my programs and workshops I recommend adding a MISTER to your wildlife habitat.  This suggestion is often met with some confused looks, so I thought I’d follow it up here with some photos that can help walk you through it and understand how simple it can be.  NO ELECTRICITY needed, just a […]

2014 Gardening for Wildlife WORKSHOP SERIES

Josh GDN w-sig

Hi Gang, It’s been a wild, cold, and snowy winter.  I’ve been enjoying all the birds that are finding refuge in our wildlife garden.  Our heated birdbath has attracted 100s of birds this frozen winter, including a normally very secretive Hermit Thrush and a quite uncommon wintering bird, a Gray Catbird. Speaking of wildlife gardens, I […]

Snowy Owl Invasion of 2013-2014

1-SnOwl byCSutton

Having written the book, How to Spot an Owl, and studied owls for the past 35 years, Clay and I have NEVER seen a winter like this one and probably never will again in our lifetime.  This winter’s Snowy Owl invasion is that special. This winter invasion involves hundreds upon hundreds, maybe thousands, of Snowy Owls.  […]