2017 Gardening for Wildlife WORKSHOP SERIES

This year I’ve added two brand new topics, so there will be 7 in-depth “Gardening for Wildlife With Native Plants” Workshops (pdf) on select Saturdays and Sundays March 11 – April 1, 2017  the perfect time to shake off winter and begin planning and planting (or enhancing) your property and wildlife garden Learn to create gardens and […]

Canna – fall care & winter storage

Now that it’s early December I’d like to share a late fall garden task for those of us living in the Northeast where winters can be harsh. I normally try to dig up my Cannas by sometime in November for the winter.  This year I’m running really late and took advantage of this wet, but still […]

Monarch Caterpillars: Numbers in Gardens this late Summer and Fall (2016)

Hi Gang, I have been traveling a lot and so am tardy in sharing some very good news.  I’ve heard from wildlife gardeners near and far that their milkweed patches have been discovered by egg-laying Monarchs.  Caterpillars are still being found, lots of caterpillars!  Chrysalises too, like the one above that I enjoyed today in […]

Hair Cuts Needed For Some Native Perennials

Hi Gang, Years ago Flora for Fauna owner Karen Williams shared some sage advice about maintaining one of my favorite native perennials, New England Aster, and I’m about to share it with you. NEW ENGLAND ASTER 2 HAIR CUTS: Memorial Day & 4th of July New England Aster can get very tall and top heavy […]

Some Sources of Native Plants in 2016

Once hooked on wildlife gardening with native plants, it can be a real challenge to find native plants.  Yes a few have been mainstreamed, and the nursery down the street may carry them.  But beware of cultivars of native plant.  Cultivars are plants created or selected for specific characteristics such as early blooming or color, […]

2016 Gardening for Wildlife WORKSHOP SERIES

I can’t wait to once again teach the series of 6 in-depth “Gardening for Wildlife” Workshops (pdf) on select Saturdays and Sundays February 27 – March 19, 2016,  the perfect time to shake off winter and begin planning and planting (or enhancing) your property and wildlife garden. Learn to create gardens and habitats in little […]

The Ultimate Reward for a Wildlife Gardener

Hi Gang, After all our hard work whipping our wildlife gardens into shape I hope you too have been enjoying some rewards and visions.  Wanted to share my surprise visitor with you.  Read all about it in . . . My June & July 2015 posts for Native Plants and Wildlife Gardens: “Front Porch Prothonotaries”  […]

Native Plants for Sale at 5 South Jersey Ace Hardware Stores

Hi Gang, Chris Clemenson of Clemenson Farms Native Nursery shared this exciting news: “For years those of us who are part of the Native Plant Society of NJ have been trying to encourage retailers to recognize the need to offer native plants for the public. Please pass on the word to all your native plant […]

Spring Cleanup in the Perennial Garden, Step-by-Step

Hi Gang, I was away for a week in West Virginia in late April (we were leaders and presenters at our favorite festival, the New River Birding and Nature Festival). We left in winter conditions and returned to summer conditions. Tackling the next part of garden cleanup has been quite a task in the heat […]

Monarchs and Milkweed in 2015

  Back in February the Press of Atlantic City pointed the finger at wildlife gardeners as contributing to the demise of Monarchs, specifically that by planting Tropical Milkweed we “may be killing” Monarchs. My e-mail box overflowed. My phone rang off the hook. I promised to get back to folks but didn’t get a chance […]