Canna – fall care & winter storage

Now that it’s early December I’d like to share a late fall garden task for those of us living in the Northeast where winters can be harsh. I normally try to dig up my Cannas by sometime in November for the winter.  This year I’m running really late and took advantage of this wet, but still […]

Hair Cuts Needed For Some Native Perennials

Hi Gang, Years ago Flora for Fauna owner Karen Williams shared some sage advice about maintaining one of my favorite native perennials, New England Aster, and I’m about to share it with you. NEW ENGLAND ASTER 2 HAIR CUTS: Memorial Day & 4th of July New England Aster can get very tall and top heavy […]

The Ultimate Reward for a Wildlife Gardener

Hi Gang, After all our hard work whipping our wildlife gardens into shape I hope you too have been enjoying some rewards and visions.  Wanted to share my surprise visitor with you.  Read all about it in . . . My June & July 2015 posts for Native Plants and Wildlife Gardens: “Front Porch Prothonotaries”  […]

Spring Cleanup in the Perennial Garden, Step-by-Step

Hi Gang, I was away for a week in West Virginia in late April (we were leaders and presenters at our favorite festival, the New River Birding and Nature Festival). We left in winter conditions and returned to summer conditions. Tackling the next part of garden cleanup has been quite a task in the heat […]

Garden Rant features “Tour of Private Cape May Monarch Gardens”

Hi Gang, I thought you would enjoy Susan Harris’ Garden Rant post, written after she attended the September 21, 2014 “South Tour of Monarch Gardens,” featuring private backyard and front yard gardens in Cape May, Lower Township, and Cape May Point: When Wildlife Gardens Look Like Gardens by Susan Harris Garden Rant As you can […]

Monarch Garden Tours: Sept. 19, 20, & 21

At the peak of Cape May County’s world-famous fall Monarch migration, tour diverse gardens that have hosted Monarchs since May. Each features native nectar plants and as many as five different kinds of milkweed (used by Monarchs for egg laying to create the next generation). Expect Monarchs and other butterflies, Monarch eggs, caterpillars, and maybe […]

Hummingbird Garden Tours: Aug. 15, 16, & 17

        It is the peak of Ruby-throated Hummingbird migration.  Numbers have exploded now that young have left the nest, females are busy with second broods, and hummingbirds that nested in the far north (Gaspe Peninsula) are moving south.  Gardens designed and planted with hummingbird-friendly plants and a wealth of yummy soft-bodied insects […]

Bob and Carol Marceluk’s Ocean City Wildlife Habitat

Garden Gang members Bob and Carol Marceluk in Ocean City, NJ, and their WILDLIFE HABITAT were featured in the Press of Atlantic City, Saturday, July 12, 2014: “New Boardwalk Attraction,” by Martin DeAngelis. I met Bob and Carol in 2012 when I taught a series of Gardening for Wildlife Workshops for the Ocean City Environmental […]

Four Proposed NJ Bills Affecting Wildlife, You and I, and Wildlife Habitats

Hi Gang, Fellow wildlife-gardening educators Jack and Jesse Connor have brought to my attention 4 bills proposed in the NJ Legislature that we all should be aware of and consider voicing our support. In short, here are the 4 proposed bills that we can speak up about and show our support: A3133 Requires DEP to […]

2014 Wildlife Garden Tours

This is the 23rd year I’ve been leading these tours of private backyard wildlife gardens.  And they just keep getting yummier and yummier! Mark your calendar with the following dates & plan to join me for one, several, or all NINE of the 2014 “Tours of Private Wildlife Gardens” (pdf)  that I will again be leading […]